About Us

We are well known and respected for distribution and integration of Fire & Safety Products for many reputed clients across the India and some countries that has supplies innovation to its customers since 2003, we proudly serve factories, industrial plants, MNC’s, corporate customers, hospitals, educational institutions, small businesses and individual customers everywhere. Real Value Safety, strives to offer exceptional services and supports many fire and safety product lines and our objective is to be the best. We create strong bonds with our customers and make finding solutions the priority.


Each year, since the Real Value Safety’s formation in 2003, Real Value Safety Products has kept on growing into what it is today – one of the India’s leading suppliers of Industrial Safety, sale of high-performance respiratory protection products, monitoring and sensor equipment and other protective solutions for the fire services, petroleum, chemical, construction, industrial and emergency services including first responders.


Today Real Value Safety provides a Total Solution approach to the following:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Head, Body and Face Protection
  • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Fire Fighting and Rescue
  • Gas Measuring Technologies – Leak Detection


With experience gained over many years and technology led products – SCOTT SAFETY have set milestones in providing Safety products to leading International organizations in many major markets:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical & Offshore
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Water Treatment
  • Automotive
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Government Agencies


With a network of Agents and Resellers working on our behalf containing thousands of diverse products, we have built a huge customer base, with products being sold not only in the India but few SAARC countries. We supply to all types of customer including Resellers, Universities and Government Organization, with many of these choosing to place their repeat business with us. Key industries that we supply into include Oil and Petrochemical, as well as the Marine industry.


The staff at Real Value Safety have an excellent knowledge of the products, with many years of experience gained by helping customers choose the correct products for their individual applications. The staff understand the complexities of the products, and the importance of service levels that go beyond customer expectations.